Wednesday, July 11, 2012

NailNation Polish Swatches/Review *PIC HEAVY*

Happy Wednesday! Today I have something new and exciting for you guys! A good friend of mine, Maria, from NailNation and NailNation3000 on YouTube had sent me some wonderful polishes to play with! Maria has been in the nail industry for many many years, and is a professional nail technician. In her spare time she enjoys creating custom nail polishes and creating nail art for all to enjoy.

She had sent me a bunch of minis as well as a few full bottles, and asked me to swatch and review some! I picked a few of my favorites and over the past few days I have been wearing and testing them out. I will be giving my 100% honest opinion about these polishes and nothing less.

*The polishes Maria sent me are all prototypes, and are still in test runs.*

The first of four is one that really caught my eye. It stood out from all the rest and was practically singing to me. I could stare at this polish bottle all day. It amazes me! It is a royal blue base with holographic glitters, and sheer hex glitters that flash blueish/greenish. Absolutely beautiful.
 As far as application goes, it went on smooth and opaque in two coats. Unfortunately, the hex glitters were not willing to come out of the bottle, and the ones that did make it on to my nail didn't show up as well as I was hoping. If you look on my pointer finger you can see some, but they don't stand out like they do in the bottle. Other than that, the dry time was longer than what I am used to, which resulted in some indenting.... which may of been my fault since I went to bed shortly after applying this polish. ;)

Conclusion: This polish is beautiful in the bottle. However, it doesn't translate exactly the same on the nail. Dry time was on the slow side but aside from that it's still a lovely polish! I wish I could of got more hex glitters on my nails, they were my favorite part of this polish. 

Next in line was a rather fascinating color. Looking at it in the bottle it is a silvery/pink/green duochrome. It doesn't stop there. As soon as I went out into the sun, I was totally floored. It was as if I had a completely different polish on! In the sunlight, the polish transforms into a holographic color!
 Here is what the polish looks like in the bottle, as well on the nail when you are indoors. The green doesn't show up on the nail as much, though. I noticed that it mostly flashes from a silver to a pinky color. The formula was smooth, but kind of sheer. I used 4 coats to get full opacity.
 Here it is in the sun. It looks totally different from indoors! I was so shocked when I saw it. I had no idea it was holographic from looking at it indoors. Strangely enough, when you are outside the duochrome almost disappears. There is still a slight pinkish tone, but without really looking it looks to just be a plain holographic polish.
Conclusion: I tried to get some shots in the shade, showing the duochrome but my camera was refusing to pick it up. If you take a look at the bottle, that is how it really looks on the nail while indoors. Outdoors, it looks like the above pictures. It is seriously a tricky polish! Definitely unlike anything I've ever seen before.

Here we have another holo! It is a beautiful silver holographic. This formula was also a bit sheer, but 3 coats and it was fully opaque. 

 Look at the holo goodness. GORGEOUS!
Conclusion: I thought this was a very  nice polish! I've tried my fair share of silver holo's and this one was better than most, to be totally honest. It isn't patchy or streaky like some holo's are. You don't need a specific base coat to wear this.

I've saved the best for last! This specific polish stole my heart. Purple is my favorite color, and this polish does not disappoint. This color is so unique, it practically leaves me speechless. I so badly would love to have a full bottle of this color. It translates to the nail beautifully, and the formula was good. 3 coats for full opacity, and I imagine it would look stellar over black or any other dark color. It is a shimmery purple that flashes pink and blue.
 Indoors it looks exactly like it does in the bottle on the nails. This color is so complex that I couldn't get my camera to capture the true beauty of it indoors on my nails.
 This is how it looks outdoors. It's so amazing. I don't even know what to say. Just look at it! Micro shimmer of purple pink and blue. Delicious.

Here you can really see how it flashes pink. 

Conclusion: This polish was my absolute favorite. Application was smooth and dried fast. I really think this might of made it's way to the top of my favorite polishes list. Everyone needs to have this color! 

Wow! That was long. I hope all of this was exciting for you as it was for me. If you want to contact Maria you can do so on Facebook. I believe she plans to have her polishes for sale ASAP via eBay or another popular selling website such as etsy or bigcartel.  I will be sure to update all of you as soon as I hear anything about availability! 

xoxo Karly


  1. Great review Karly, I am in love with that last color as well. I hope she does decide to make and sell it cause I'll have to get it! lol
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I have these! Maria is awesome. I had the purple one on my toes for a while. =) YAY BLOG!


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