Thursday, November 1, 2012

October Favorites!

Schick Intuition: This is the best thing ever. If you're anything like me you don't have time or are too lazy to spend the time shaving. With this razor, there is no need to use shaving cream. The razor has a "skin moisturizing solid" (as they like to call it) that acts as shaving gel/cream. All you need is a wet lather and you're good to go! I cannot believe I didn't use this sooner! It's a life saver. The razor itself is awesome. 4 blades and gets the job done nicely. My legs have never felt smoother or softer!

Philosophy Purity: I've been using this one step facial cleanser for about a year now! Having sensitive skin it's really tiring trying to find a dedicated cleanser that won't hurt my skin. Not only is it gentle on the skin but it's also safe to use on the eye area to remove eye makeup. Thumbs up from me! Purity rapidly dissolves dirt and makeup while deep cleaning pores. Also! If you own a clarisonic i've heard that purity works great with it. 

Butter London Nail Foundation: This base coat is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Makeup for your nails! If you have stained yellow nails, a coat of this will cover it up nicely. It also is a great ridge filler and is an overall awesome base coat. Before this I was using OPI nail envy exclusively but I have heard such good things about nail foundation that I had to try. The bottle is .6 fl oz which is a bit bigger than your average bottle of base coat. I haven't noticed any major changes in my nails such as breaking, chipping or peeling. I'd say that it's on par with nail envy for me!

Mucinex: So you may or may not of heard, but i've been sick as a dog for the past 2 months. After taking several antibiotics and steroids i've found that this OTC medicine helped me the most. Crazy! It really helped kick out the rest of the gross mucus that was stuck in my lungs. After about a week or so of taking mucinex I was almost back to my normal self. It was a miracle. I really recommend this stuff if you are sick and are congested or have a gross phlegmy cough. 

Celestial Seasonings Tension Tamer Tea: Along with being cold of course i've been drinking tea! Celestial Seasonings is probably my favorite brand to get teabags from. They make so many wonderful kinds. Lately i've been drinking their tension tamer to help me unwind. This stuff really does help calm you down after a stressful day. This tea is caffeine free and is a traditional ginger tea with a tranquil twist from chamomile, eleuthero and B-vitamins. If you are a fan of drinking hot tea, I would seriously give this stuff a try. Especially if you are a stressball like me.

And that's all the stuff that filled my October. I hope you're all doing well! Happy November! I cannot wait for thanksgiving to arrive!


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